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Big City Adventure Sydney Australia


Sydney is much more than kangaroos, Opera and surf

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Sydney is a fantastic city, Lots of people recognize the Opera of Sydney and relate the city and the kangaroos, but Sydney is much more than that and now you can know everything about this marvellous city thanks to this funny game based on Sydney and its main features and history.

Big City Adventure: Sydney Australia is a game that combines skill, intelligence and dexterity. Throughout or journey all around Sydney we will play several minigames where we will need all our concentration to win.

Play the role of one of the 8 possible characters: dad, mum, son, daughter, koala, kangaroo,... Australia is far away but you can learn a lot about this country by playing Big City Adventure Sydney Australia.

Step by step and game by game we will learn new and attractive things about Sydney and its culture. Now you do not have to study to learn Geography.
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